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One Piece #363 Still Filler? - omcdesign

Blade of the Immortal #2 Looks promising! - omcdesign

Armored Trooper Votoms #6 Finally shinsen subs released 7-8, this series are so good. - omcdesign

Dragon Ball #1 True Classic - omcdesign

Hikaru no Go #1 You can actually learn go by just watching this anime - omcdesign

Inukami! #1 Overall fun to watch. - omcdesign

Naruto #1 Very good series - omcdesign

Great Teacher Onizuka #1 Ideal Teacher - omcdesign

My-HiME #1 Star Girls! Flying Girls! Virgins! - omcdesign

Hellsing #1 The best anime series about Vampires. - omcdesign

Chobits #1 Cute robot girls.. - omcdesign

School Rumble #1 5 Star Comedy - omcdesign

Strawberry 100% #1 Ahaha, I like this one for sure! - omcdesign

Trinity Blood #1 Another good Vampire anime! - omcdesign

Tenjho Tenge #1 Very good fighting and hot girls! - omcdesign

Death Note #1 I cannot stand watching this psycho.. - omcdesign

Neon Genesis Evangelion #1 I love their organic robots! - omcdesign

Heroic Age #1 Better then Neon Genesis for sure.. - omcdesign

World Destruction #1 Nonsense :) But it does not need to make sense anyway.. - omcdesign

Maya the Bee #1 Watched on Tv, I would not download and watch these .. - omcdesign

Case Closed #1 My Favourite - Peinan

.hack//Sign #1 Matrix style - omcdesign

Naruto #1 Not bad.. - Anireal

The Familiar of Zero #13 Overall nice series to watch.. - omcdesign

Strike Witches #1 kind or resembles mai otome series and neon genesis - omcdesign

Ikki Tousen #1 wow this is ecchi - omcdesign

Moyashimon #1 Like you learned how to play go by watching Hikaru no Go, you can learn how to brew by watching this series.. - omcdesign

Moyashimon #6 This series are extremely fun.. - omcdesign

Moyashimon #7 Sake Sake Sake - omcdesign

Moyashimon #11 great series.. - omcdesign

Fullmetal Alchemist #51 super series...! - remycem

Bleach #184 Süper seri - diaboliksword

Naruto Shippuuden #71 Süper seri - diaboliksword

Lovely Complex #17 aluminia fansuba teşekkurler - diaboliksword

Naruto #220 Series ended. It was good except the fillers... - snlzkn

Sekirei #4 The series are going really good, kind of feels like ueki's law of game and nice babes - omcdesign

Darker than Black #1 Very good series - omcdesign

Telepathy Shōjo Ran #8 no action left? - omcdesign

Gurren Lagann #1 interesting series with full of absurd funny scenes - omcdesign

Gurren Lagann #2 A little bit like heroic Age, this is the most burning-with-spirit type of anime I have watched this year! - omcdesign

Clannad #1 Absolutly adore this series, the artwork and colours are gorgeous and the ending song is cute! - samichigo

Bleach #188 things are getting intense with amagai taichoo - omcdesign

Vampire Knight #4 Vampire Knight GUILTY (= second season of Vampire Knight!) - The_Celeste

Bleach #192 I have been reading the mangas but animation is always the best choice! - omcdesign

Bleach #195 real action kicks in! - omcdesign

One Piece #378 finally an arc finishes, manga is way ahead but its always nice to watch the anime.. - omcdesign

Bleach #197 Nice fights going on! - omcdesign

Azumanga Daioh #7 I finished watching 7. -reminder - Shadowparadox

Naruto Shippuuden #88 nande kore jutsu! - omcdesign

One Piece #381 no action left.. waiting forward for the new arc.. - omcdesign

Kiss×sis #1 Sisters! and Sisters! - omcdesign

Vampire Knight Guilty #1 Great series, you will definetely enjoy this if you like Blood+ or if you watched the original series.. - omcdesign

Naruto Shippuuden #90 This episode is kind of filler but its ok. - omcdesign

Chaos;Head #2 interesting series! - omcdesign

Chaos;Head #3 Dejavu? - omcdesign

Chaos;Head #12 What a series, something many people thinks and yet says.. this is crazy. - omcdesign

Xam'd: Lost Memories #22 getting better at the end.. - omcdesign

Bleach #201 Go Kenpachi go! - omcdesign

Vampire Knight Guilty #13 Was a good series overall and the part was sufficently conclusive. - omcdesign

Bleach #204 filler! - omcdesign

Xam'd: Lost Memories #25 this is a very good serie - omcdesign

Bleach #205 actually a nice filler this time ! - omcdesign

Xam'd: Lost Memories #26 was a good series enjoyed it totally. - omcdesign

Koukaku no Regios #1 seems there is a lot of action here - omcdesign

Sekirei #12 Done :) Happy Ending - omcdesign

Blade of the Immortal #12 almost finished, interesting series.. - omcdesign

RideBack #1 Amazingly nice motorcycle anime with sci-fi elements. - omcdesign

One Piece #389 lol @sanji - omcdesign

RideBack #6 in the middle of action! - omcdesign

Kurokami #1 very nice series, I would suggest others to watch this one. - omcdesign

Naruto Shippuuden #100 almost a filler, where is the action? - omcdesign

Bleach #211 I like the fact that they decided to tell what happened before, although a bit like a filler feeling, it is still good to go back in time and learn what happened. - omcdesign

Cardcaptor Sakura #1 I'm excited to start watching this again! - folshi

Cardcaptor Sakura #11 I can't stand Li.. I hate the fact that he's going to turn out to be the main love interest. Blech! - folshi

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni #1 Re-watching the whole series! Love it! - folshi

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni #26 Done already! So good... Now on to the second season! - folshi

Bleach #213 filler.. - omcdesign

RideBack #12 This was the last episodes, overall the series was not so bad, it was well drawn but a bit rushed to the end to fit in 12 episodes. - omcdesign

Shangri-la #1 This is a very interesting series!. - omcdesign

Kurokami #13 This episode really kicks ass. - omcdesign

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